TRYWA DESIGNS started up in 2007 in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA.  Trywa, a word excerpted from entryway, is a solo artist run business featuring access to a limited supply of items in stock or made to order original designs for silk scarves.  Print companies provide a finished product on 100% silk with machine hemming. Both the design and print formats are digital. 

A DESIGN PROCESS The drawings that focused my attention on visual work started with charcoal drawings of cows in a rural setting where I was also using visual aids to teach English as a second language. This was the late 60s. Since then I have enjoyed working with many forms of visual information for work and art. One of the appeals of working with fabric is its sense of being a living form of kinetic sculpture as in all clothing. The diversity of image resources has ended up with a diversity of designs. Aspects of contingency have been a long term interest that started with layered text, audio, live music and live actors in video productions. Contingency seemed like a type of animation setting - following traces with the result unknown till the last instance and even then including a lot of uncertainty. The Trywa scarf designs suggest to me the same sensibility of things caught suspended. Motion and 3-D forms often serve as starting points for a scarf work.

SIZE AND SILK CHOICES may be custom ordered.  If you are familiar with various silk options, please request the silk and size option you wish (see below).

CUSTOM ORDER TIME FRAME may take up to four weeks to fill as small orders are rarely on the top of the digital production list but the scarves get done. Results have been reliable. Purchases are shipped in a gift box along with a USPS tracking number.

PURCHASE RETURNS may be sent within two weeks of receipt when received in the same condition and packaging for a refund or exchange.  Please contact to request a return #.


The inks used are considered eco friendly and hold fast during washing. Wash all silk by hand in cold water along with a drop of mild soap. Place the silk flat to dry, or hang the silk over a rod to drip dry or roll up the scarf up in a towel gently pressing out the water. The silk responds well to steam ironing.


Suzanne Kuffler